Sweets in Bangkok

Sweets in Bangkok

Hello there,

I wondered if I should write this in the third person, like I had totally made it and someone else was writing this about me. Then I could say more.

I wondered if I should have more of a before and after story – it seems to become anyone you have to be born in the dirt and dig yourself out. That makes for a good story.

I wondered if I could write a whole novel and if writing it would fulfil me. So I wrote one – it’s taken me four years and I’m still going. I’ve learnt A LOT these past four years and especially in the last one.

I wondered if I had the guts to write a blog and put the real me out there.  So I started one (this is it). I’m not actually a person who reveals too much in conversation, although I appear chatty because I ask a lot of questions. But here I am becoming more of myself.

I wondered if I could change my life and do exactly what I wanted to do – write, be free, be creative, inspire and be inspired, share my thoughts, find soulful souls to chat with, find my tribe, be abundant, be grateful everyday. Isn’t that what we all want?

And so here I am …

(and by the way, I also wonder what you think so please go ahead and say it anytime in the comments or elsewhere – just let me know)

with LOVE always,

Mireille xxx

I may love cats but sadly they don't always feel the same about me

I love cats but sadly they don’t always feel the same about me

6 thoughts on “Wonderluster

  1. Hi Mireille, thank you so much for visiting Find the Details and liking the post on Red’s art: I thought it was fascinating too…. It was great to discover your blog; your ‘about’ page made me smile! I hope to have some more design news for you soon, till then, take care, FtdX

  2. Hi Mireille,
    I got the link to your blog from your parents. I enjoy reading it very much. Keep up the good work.

    • Hey! I’m glad you stopped by. Do I know you too or just my parents? I don’t recognise your name. Anyway, I’m happy you enjoy it and I appreciate you commenting. Thank you!

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